1. Summary
    The main objective of the marathon is to help develop tourism in the Rivne region of Ukraine, popularize health and active lifestyles, and promote environmentally friendly transport. The bicycle marathon is a three-day event with two overnight. Participants must provide their own equipment for the overnight stays.
  2. Logistics
    The marathon starts June 06, 2020 and will end on June 08, 2020/ in Venue: Khotyn, Rivne region.
  3. Program
    Day 1, June 06, 2020
    08:00 – 10:00 – registration of participants in Khotyn.
    10:00 – start of the 1st stage of the bike marathon.
    19:00 – dinner
    20:00 – rest and entertainment.

    Day 2, June 07, 2020
    08:00 – Breakfast.
    08:30 – start of the 2nd stage of the bike marathon.
    19:00 – dinner.
    20:00 – rest and entertainment.

    Day 3, June 08, 2020
    08:00 – Breakfast.
    08:30 – start of the 3rd stage of the bike marathon
    19-00 – finish.
  4. Registration, fees and payment
    4.1 The registration for the marathon is from January 1st 2020- June 1th 2020.
    4.2 The fees cover the cost of organizing of camps, souvenirs, meals (2 dinners and 2 breakfasts), and other organizational expenses.
    4.3 Registration fees are nonrefundable
    4.4 The registration fee is 35 euros.
    4.5. Payment is made to the
    Account Number (IBAN) GB86CLJU00997180593250,
    Account Holder Name OITSIUS YURII,
    Bank Clear Junction Limited.
    After payment, send an email to ways.rv@gmail.com , with the following:
    1) Last name and first name of participant
    2) The last name and first name of the payer (if the payer and the participant are different)
    3) Day and time of payment
    4) Amount paid
  5. Marathon categories
  6. Admission
    6.1 Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or provide a note written by their guardian. (Sample note)
    6.2 Participants are responsible for their own bike’s condition. Each bike must be in proper working order and have breaks on both wheels.
    6.3 Bicycle helmets are mandatory
    6.4 It is strongly recommended to have a GPS with downloaded maps at the start of each day and the skills to use it. Participants are responsible for understanding how to use the GPS and for maintaining their GPS’s battery life.
  7. Personal Responsibility
    Each registered participant is personally responsible for the condition of their bicycle, their health, actions, and personal conduct while on the marathon. If a participant is injured as a result of an accident, crash, technical bug, or due to health reasons, the participant with be personally liable for their injury and/or damage to their bicycle or equipment. In the event of an injury, fellow marathon participants are obligated to provide the victim with first aid until proper help arrives, if necessary.
  8. During the marathon
    At the beginning of the trip each participant will be given a number to place on the front of their bicycle. The start is massive with all participants starting at the same time. During each leg of the marathon it is forbidden to: product air pollution, cycle without a helmet on your head, or to quit the marathon without informing the organizers.
  9. Forces beyond our control
    In case of forces beyond our control (weather, social, political, etc.) that would cause the marathon to become dangerous- the route may be changed or the event may be cancled.