Marathon Poliska Sich is designed in such a way as to reach the maximum number of places of interest from a historical, cultural and natural point of view. During the 3 days of the marathon, the participants overcome about 300 km of Polissya forests, bows, bogs etc. Have the opportunity to plunge into the turquoise water of the Basalt lake, the tea water of the Knyazhivka reservoir, to swim on the River Bober and the River Sluch. The route is quite diverse and scenic. The slogan of the marathon is “Polissya is amazing!”

1 km – “Valerian’s path”. The route is 9 km long, laid by well-known Rivne tourist Valery Burenko.
11 km is the Khotyn, a monument of archeology of local significance. Rivne region.
19 km – gypsum mountains, formed from the remains of the production of mineral fertilizers. They are harmless to the environment. Naturally harmonize with the landscape.
27 km – Susk botanical reserve of national importance with an area of 298 hectares. Kostopil region.
41 km – park of “forgotten figures” in. Derazhene village. Built in the early 80’s of the twentieth century. Kostopil region.
51 km – a fountain with hydrogen sulfide water in the village Zlazne. Kostopil region.
55 km – “Basalt pillars”, a geological monument of nature of local significance. Kostopil region.
104 km is a dendrological park with an area of 30 hectares, the city of Berezne. Counts about 900 species and forms of tree plants.
116 km – the ancient oaks in the village Vitkovichi. Berezne region.
122 km – Line “Polissya”. Polish defensive line, built in 1928-1939 on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus to protect against the Soviet Union’s attack. Berezne region.
132 km is a gigantic stone in the Bober River. Berezne region.
136 km – Knyazivka reservoir. Built on the River Bober near the village of Knyazhivka. The area of the water mirror is 124.1 hectares. Berezne region.
200 km – Nadsluchan Regional Landscape Park. Berezne region.
212 km – Gubkov castle over the Sluch river. Berezne region.